Changing Lives, Everyday

Changing Lives, Everyday

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American Rehab Partners believes that we succeed when you succeed. We make it a priority to stay updated on laws and regulations, reimbursement policies, evidence based treatment and accurate documentation. We educate and train our therapists on up-to-date clinical standards and practice guidelines. Our therapists complete point of care documentation and are well versed on insurance and reimbursement guidelines to optimize reimbursement for our clients. Whether you have an in-house rehabilitation program or you are in need of staffing support, we are prepared to customize our services to meet your demands and exceed your expectations.

Types of Partnerships:


As your source for rehabilitation staffing, it is our job to assure your satisfaction. We will help you every step of the way from therapist placement to reimbursement. We can cover short-term and long-term placement in times of increased census. ARP also provides staffing for maternity leave, vacation leave, PRN or temporary to permanent placement.

American Rehab Partners understands the significance of recruiting the right candidate to meet your facility needs. Our thoroughly trained staff will excel in your program by adapting easily into your organizational principles and values. Our extensive and thorough hiring process will ensure you a well-qualified professional.

Managing a Rehabilitation department is more than just managing a workforce. American Rehab Partners understands that a proficient manager will possess leadership qualities and characteristics that align with your company standards and expectations. Leading rehabilitation programs with our expertise in reimbursement guidelines and attention to detail is what we do best! We pride ourselves on staying current on ever changing healthcare regulations and guidelines to ensure financial well-being for your establishment.

Management staff from American Rehab Partners in your clinical setting encourages team cohesiveness and guarantees a caring environment for your therapists and patients. We will utilize our experience and interpersonal skills to provide your rehabilitation team with the tools to deliver effective treatment outcomes, improve productivity, increase staff retention, and achieve high patient satisfaction.

We do rehab the best. ARP has expertise in all areas of rehabilitation. Consult with us on any of your rehabilitation needs including, but not limited to:

Staff education and development

Team building

Medicare denial risk assessment

Operation assessment

Efficiency analysis

Therapy gym design/re-design/layout recommendations

American Rehab Partners can assist you with the growth and demand of your healthcare facility by designing, managing, and maintaining a custom built rehabilitation program. Our expertise lies in facilitating interdisciplinary communication, census development, insurance reimbursement, length-of-stay management, audit recovery, RUG utilization, clinical compliance and patient relations.

We put our marketing efforts toward your facility by maintaining positive relationships with physicians and hospitals in your community. Our primary focus is to maintain patient-centered care while balancing your facility profitability.

American Rehab Partners is experienced in helping facilities develop and transition their rehab department from contracted to an in-house Therapy Department. ARP knows what it takes to make your program successful and sustainable. We are there for you from building and retaining a strong rehab team to understanding the complex Medicare and Insurance system.  Your patients and the community will recognize your rehab department for service excellence and successful rehab outcomes. ARP can “plant the seed and help you grow” your own in-house Therapy Department!


“My patients have received outstanding physical therapy and I have never received one complaint about physical therapy services under her direction.”

- Haleem Chaudhary, MD


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